Please check the Summer 2019 Academic Calendar for registration dates and deadlines.

Students can register through SSOL starting on April 22nd.

Call numbers for CVN courses can be found via the following link:

Course Number Course Name Instructor Day/Time

Course Directory

APPH E4200 Physics of Fluids Michael Mauel pre-taped  
CHEN E4010 Math Methods in Chemical Engineering Michael Hill pre-taped  
CHEN E4110 Transport Phenomena III Christopher Durning pre-taped  
COMS W4701 Artifical Intelligence* Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi pre-taped *This course will run on the Summer Session 1 (D) schedule.
COMS W4735 Visual Interfaces to Computer Graphics John Kender pre-taped  
COMS W4771 Machine Learning Nakul Verma pre-taped  
CSEE W4119 Computer Networks Gil Zussman pre-taped  
CSOR W4231 Analysis of Algorithms* Eleni Drinea pre-taped *This course will run on the Summer Session 1 (D) schedule.
EEME E6601 Intro to Control Theory Richard Longman pre-taped  
IEOR E4520 Applied Systems Engineering Ebad Jahangir pre-taped  
IEOR E4521 Systems Engi Tools/Methods Ebad Jahangir pre-taped  
MECE E4302 Advanced Thermodynamics Sinisa Vukelic pre-taped  
MECE E4330 Thermofluid Systems Design Sinisa Vukelic pre-taped  
MECE E4431 Space Vehicle Dynamics/Control Richard Longman pre-taped  
MECE E6423 Elasticity II Jeffrey Kysar pre-taped  
MEEM E6432 Small Scale Mechanical Behavior Jeffrey Kysar pre-taped  


Software Projects in the BioNet Lab: CVN Students are also invited to apply to a number of software projects in Professor Lazar's Bionet Lab. Students do not need to be working on campus, as all discussions/interactions will take place via video conferencing. Students who receive permission from the instructor to register for the course, will need to forward the permission to CVN along with the academic advisor's permission to

Courses taken Pass/Fail may not be counted towards a degree program.