The ColumbiaX MicroMasters® Program in Business Analytics is a professional and academic credential offered by for online learners. These Masters level courses include video lectures, quizzes, programming assignments, peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. Learners who successfully complete all courses in the MicroMasters program on edX receive a MicroMasters program certificate that they can share on their resume and LinkedIn. 

The MicroMasters Program in Business Analytics consists of four courses:

Learners who successfully complete all four of the courses will earn a MicroMasters program certificate from ColumbiaX. Recipients of a MicroMasters program certificate can apply to Columbia University's online or on-campus Masters programs listed below. If admitted, students will receive 7.5 course credits towards their MS degree. MicroMasters credits cannot be combined with any other transfer credits.

  • MS in Management Science & Engineering (Engineering and Business Schools, on-campus)
  • MS in Operations Research (Engineering School, online or on-campus)
  • MS in Marketing Science (Business School, on-campus)
  • MS in Business Analytics (Engineering and Business Schools, on-campus)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MicroMasters Program Certificate? 

  • It is a certificate granted to learners by edX for completing a series of graduate-level online courses. 

How can learners earn a MicroMasters Program Certificate?

  • Enrolled learners will have to complete, pass and earn a Verified Certificate in all four courses to receive a MicroMasters Program Certificate. 

Will learners who have earned the MicroMasters program certificate and are interested in entering Columbia through this new pathway also be expected to complete the standard Columbia Graduate Application?

  • Yes, learners who have earned a MicroMasters program certificate must still meet the admission requirements.

Do MicroMasters program credits expire?

  • Yes, learners who earn a MicroMasters program certificate and plan to apply the MicroMasters program credits towards a degree at Columbia must apply within two years of completing the MicroMasters program.

Is there a timeline for completing all courses in the MicroMasters program?

  • Yes, all courses in the MicroMasters program must be completed within 2 years of the start date of the first course in order to apply MicroMasters program credits towards a Columbia degree.

Can the GRE be waived for learners who successfully complete the MicroMasters program?

  • The GRE will not be waived. Applicants should submit a current GRE with their MS application.

Does completion of the MicroMasters program certificate guarantee admission to Columbia University?

  • No, receiving MicroMasters program certificate does not guarantee admission. MicroMasters program certificate recipients must still go through the application process.

After receiving a MicroMasters program certificate, what are the steps to apply to Columbia University?

  • You need to apply and be admitted to the program at Columbia University. 
  • Earning the ColumbiaX MicroMasters program certificate from edX does not guarantee admission. It does allow the review committee to look at a more expanded track record for each applicant.  
  • During the application process you will need to submit some additional supporting materials, including transcripts, a resume, letters of recommendation and personal/professional statement, among others. Your application will be reviewed in its entirety.
  • Those applicants who have successfully completed the ColumbiaX MicroMasters program certificate and are admitted to Columbia University MS programs, will receive 7.5 transfer credits. The ColumbiaX MicroMasters program certificate will not count towards the GPA.

Can I apply the MicroMasters program credits to a Certification?

  • No, the credits are only applicable to a Master's Degree.

Can I transfer the MicroMasters program credits as an existing Columbia University student?

  • No, the credits are only applicable to prospective students applying for a Master's Degree.

Can I apply to a Columbia University Master's program before completing the MicroMasters program?

  • All courses in a MicroMasters program must be successfully completed and a MicroMasters program certificate earned before applying to a Master's program at Columbia University.