MicroMasters is a professional and academic credential for online learners from anywhere in the world. Learners who successfully complete a series of Columbia Univerity's graduate-level courses on edX.org, and one or more proctored exams, will earn a MicroMasters credential from Columbiax, and can then apply for an accelerated master’s degree program at Columbia. 

MicroMasters courses offer the same learning and challenge as Columbia courses.

Columbia University MicroMasters Offerings 

Artificial Intelligence MicroMasters 

There are four online courses required to complete the MicroMasters in Artificial Intelligence credential:

Business Analytics MicroMasters 

Successful learners with the MicroMasters program in Business Analytics will have an entryway to three Columbia Masters programs: MS in Management Science & Engineering (Engineering and Business School), MS in Operations Research (SEAS), MS in Marketing Science (CBS), and starting in fall 2018 MS in Business Analytics (Engineering and Business School).


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MicroMasters? 

  • It is a credential granted to learners by edX for completing a series of graduate-level online coursework. 

How can learners earn a MicroMasters credential?

  • Enrolled learners will have to complete, pass and earn a Verified Certificate in all four courses to receive a MicroMasters Credential. 

Will students who have earned the MicroMasters credential and are interested in entering Columbia through this new pathway also be expected to complete the standard Columbia Graduate Application?

  • Yes, students who have earned a MIcroMasters credential will still have to meet the admission requirements 

How do I apply to Columbia upon successfully completing the MicroMasters?

  • Application information will be available shortly

Can I apply the MicroMasters credits to a Certification?

  • No, the credits are only applicable to a Masters Degree