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Course Number

Course Name Instructor Day/Time Course Directory
APMA E4200 Partial Differential Equations Donsub Rim M 7:00-9:30
APMA E4300                            Introduction to Numerical Methods Kyle Mandli TR 1:10-2:25
APPH E4100 Quantum Physics of Matter Latha Venkataraman TR 10:10-11:25
APPH E4112 Laser Physics Nanfang Yu TR 11:40-12:55
APPH E4130 Physics/Solar Energy Julian Chengjun Chen MW 1:10-2:25
APPH E4200 Physics of Fluids Francesco Volpe pre-taped  
BMEN E4001 Quantitative Physiology I Lance Kam MW 8:40-9:55
BMEN E4510 Tissue Engineering Clark T. Hung MW 11:40-12:55
CHAP E4120 Statistical Mechanics Ben O'Shaughnessy T 7-9:30
CHEE E4252 Intro to Surface and Chemical Engineering Ponisseril Somasundaran MW 11:40-12:55
CHEN E4010 Math Methods in Chemical Engineering Michael Hill pre-taped  
CHEN E4020 Safeguarding Intellectual Business Property Kenneth Spall M 7:00-9:30
CIEN E4021 Elastic and Plastic Analysis of Structures Shiho Kawashima W 4:10-6:40
CIEN E4111 Uncertain/Risk-Civil Inf Syst Andrew Smyth T 4:10-6:40
CIEN E4129 Managing Eng & Construction Process Ibrahim Odeh pre-taped  
CIEN E4130 Design of Construction Systems Vincent Tirolo R 4:10-6:40
CIEN E4132 Prevention and Resolution of Construction Disputes Phillip White M 7:00-9:30
COMS E6998 Topics in CS: Fund of Speech Recognition Homayoon Beigi R 7:00-9:30
COMS W4111 Introduction to Databases Donald Ferguson F 10:10-12:40
COMS W4115 Programming Lang & Translators Stephen Edwards MW 4:10-5:25
COMS W4118 Operating Systems I Jason Nieh TR 1:10-2:25
COMS W4156 Advanced Software Engineering Gail Kaiser TR 10:10-11:25
COMS W4167 Computer Animation Eitan Grinspun T 4:10-6:00
COMS W4187 Security Arch & Engineering Debra Cook F 10:10-12:40
COMS W4236 Intro-Computational Complexity Xi Chen pre-taped  
COMS W4252 Intro-Computational Learn Theory Rocco Servedio TR 8:40-9:55
COMS W4701 Artificial Intelligence Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi pre-taped  
COMS W4705 Natural Language Processing Michael Collins MW 5:40-6:55
COMS W4995 Topis in CS: Deep Learning Iddo Drori MW 7:10-8:25
CSEE W4119 Computer Networks Ethan Katz-Bassett TR 1:10-2:25
CSOR W4231 Analysis of Algorithms I Mihailis Yannakakis TR 11:40-12:55
CSOR W4246** Algorithms for Data Science Eleni Drinea TR 1:10-2:25
EAEE E4003 Intro to Aquatic Chemistry Ngai Yin Yip TR 1:10-2:25
EAEE E4190 Photovoltaic Systems Engineering Vasilis Fthenakis MW 5:40-6:55
EAEE E4210 Thermal Treatment-Waste/Bio Material Athanasios Bourtsalas MW 8:40-9:55
EAEE E4550 Catalysis of Emissions Control Robert Farrauto MW 2:40-3:55
EECS E6690 Topics: Stat Learning Biol & Info Systems Pedrag Jelenkovic T 4:10-6:40
EECS E6720 Bayesian Models for Machine Learning John Paisley F 1:10-3:40
EECS E6893 Topics: Big Data Analytics Ching-Yung Lin R 7:00-9:30
EEME E6601 Intro to Control Theory Richard Longman W 7:00-9:30
ELEN E4312 Analog Electronic Circuits Shahriar Shahramian R 4:10-6:40
ELEN E4944 Principles of Device Microfabrication Jacob Trevino M 4:10-6:40
ELEN E4488 Optical Systems Christine Hendon R 10:10-12:40
ELEN E6412 Lightwave Devices Xiang Meng TR 1:10-2:25
ELEN E6767 Internet, Econ, Eng, & Society Dabasis Mitra MW 11:40-12:55
ENME E4215 Theory of Vibrations Raimondo Betti M 4:10-6:00
IEME E4310 Manufacturing Enterprise Sheldon Weinig W 10:10-12:40
IEOR E4007 Opt Models & Methods for FE Garud Iyengar MW 8:40-9:55
IEOR E4106 Stochastic Models Karl Sigman pre-taped  
IEOR E4004 Optimization Models & Methods Shipra Agrawal pre-taped  
IEOR E4404 Simulation Karl Sigman pre-taped  
IEOR E4520 Applied Systems Engineering Ebad Jahangir W 4:10-6:00
IEOR E4523 Data Analytics Hardeep Johar M 8:40-11:10
IEOR E4550 Entrepreneurial Business Creation for Engineers David Gulley M 4:10-6:40
IEOR E4578 Topics in OR: Corp Financial Accnt & Invest Banking Rodney Sunada-Wong W 4:10-6:40
IEOR E4706 Foundations of Financial Engineering Dylan Possamai TR 11:40-12:55
IEOR E4731 Credit Risk Modeling & Derivatives Agostino Capponi MW 1:10-2:25
IEOR E4732 Computational Methods/Derivative Pricing Ali Hirsa R 4:10-6:40
MECE E4302 Advanced Thermodynamics Sinisa Vukelic pre-taped  
MECE E4330 Thermofluid Systems Design Sinisa Vukelic pre-taped  
MECE E4604 Product Design for Manufacturing Graham Walker W 7:00-9:30
MECE E4610 Advanced Manufacturing Processes Y. Lawrence Yao pre-taped  
MECE E6423 Elasticity II Jeffrey Kysar pre-taped  
MEEM E6432 Small Scale Mechanical Behavior Jeffrey Kysar pre-taped  
MSAE E4100 Crystallography Katayun Barmak TR 4:10-5:25
MSAE E4206 Elec & Magnetic Properties of Solids William Bailey MW 11:40-12:55
SIEO W4150* Intro to Probability & Statistics Ton Dieker pre-taped  
STAT GR5701** Probability & Stat for Data Sc Vincent Dorie TR 7:40-8:55
STAT GR5702** Exploratory Data Analysis/Visual Joyce Robbins TR 5:40-6:55


*SIEO W4150 is the same as IEOR E4150. The CVN course will be renamed as IEOR E4150 beginning in Spring 2019. 

**These courses are open to Data Science Certification students or degree students with advisor permission. Advisor permission must be emailed to

Courses taken Pass/Fail may not be counted towards a degree program.