Designed for Today's Working Professionals

The Columbia Video Network (CVN) program allows working professionals to enroll in courses and earn graduate certificates and degrees in engineering and applied sciences without leaving their communities, families, or their jobs. The key component to CVN is flexibility in learning while maintaining the highest university standards.

CVN strives to continuously expand the reach of Columbia's Engineering School by using cutting-edge technology to deliver course content to students across the globe spanning six continents. CVN students take the same courses as local students which are captured in real-time from multimedia classrooms and studios and made available for download via the Internet. CVN students view the same lectures and complete the same assignments and exams as local students and ultimately graduate with the same degree as their on-campus counterparts.

CVN students are part of the Columbia University community and professors provide the academic support needed for students to be able to study at a distance. Faculty post files, access and grade homework and enter exam information that is shared with students via an automated online Student Center. Faculty also create their own course web pages containing syllabus information, lecture, and exam schedules, readings, and provide students and exam proctors access to download relevant course files. In addition to these tools, students enrolled in a program via CVN are assigned a Columbia University Network ID (UNI) which enables them to access university resources such as their Columbia e-mail account, student record and online library resources. Professors and teaching assistants are available to CVN students via email, during weekly office hours and by appointment. CVN staff is always available to assist the remote student with administrative details so working professionals can devote their time and energy to their studies, families, and careers.

CVN offers degrees and certificates in a wide range of subjects. See our Fields of Study page for more information on CVN's latest offerings.